Pretty in Pink

Wow what can I say- We are all two people the one the public sees and our secret self. This is my secret self and I make no apologies- I am content and sparkling inside at the moment and please with this piece. But my work always has the Black message – Please consider how you dispose of your stuff!

This piece is the last in my Teynham Triptych. The last of 3 odd shoes that I found on the Ash Path here in Teynham. The discarded the unloved. It’s still about Nature, how we see it, how we use and abuse it, how much stuff we have and how we dispose of the stuff. Part of our job as an artist is to question. How we do things and why we do them. The Covid19 pandemic has made us all question many things in our life. our values, our aspirations , our lifestyles and what we we want or need. This piece has made me realise that I have settled and I am still capable of producing alternative work that can be good “eye candy” but still carries the big message. Recycle, reduce and reuse. Adding sparkle, pinkness, rhinestones and glitter are all very environmentally “uncool” and there lies our dilemma. What do we do about all the very environmentally unfriendly stuff we already have? Do we throw it away or do we keep it.

More question. How much stuff do we need? why do we need it? We spend hours buying things how much time do we spend disposing of it. How can we dispose of stuff. Why do we need gold and glitter butterflies? What is a cerise pink feather boa for?

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