Finding my Inner Artist – Abstract 2021

Dreaming of Spring – £250
Acrylic on Board – 2021
I feel I have completed my first collection, with this piece. It is Green a calming, centring colour, a colour for nature and connectivity. I painted this with a credit card pulling the paint around, enjoying sitting and watching it grow in the Spring light that shon through my window.
It now feel I am ready again for the next part of my journey in life.

Not Everything is Black and White – £250
Acrylic on Canvas – 2021
We have a lot of decisions to make in our lives. A lot of choices, but not everything so simple or black and white. A lot is being discussed but sometimes there are no clear answers, there are no clear paths or solutions to our problems. Life has become very bizarre, weird and isolating during lockdown. I have been given time to think to reflect and maybe change but its not always easy or that straight forward. I believe that Art is about questioning so am I just putting off deciding what I want to do?

Green Street – £350
Acrylic on Canvas – 2021
I actually live in Green Street, but it is now the A2. Nature is in crisis. I walk in green fields which we are killing. Every day I walk with my Colin and our dog Twiglet in the wonderfully beauteous Kent Countryside, but I worry for its future I worry what we as humans are doing  I wanted people to see the big picture not just their own little world, but I also believe that’s asking too much. We are all struggling externally and internally. Sometimes it’s obvious that someone is in turmoil but sometimes it isn’t. We should not judge each other, but sadly do.
I consciously wanted to paint a green canvas – It was supposed be similar to “New Age of Anger” the red work a twin piece, but I didn’t connect with it. I couldn’t make it work like the red one. So I left it the one day I took courage and threw red paint at it. That feeling of freedom and abandonment was so just freeing and meaningful to me and all of sudden the painting came to life.

Festive Spirit – £250
Acrylic on Board – 2021I have found the drip technique suits my style in this collection. As I have cried a lot during lockdown for many different reasons and not all sad. And many of my abstract seem to naturally turn into landscapes, which I find interesting as I try to paint without thinking, as I find this more intuitive and calming. This piece is another one that just happened. My work seems to happen quickly so is energetic and releasing. I will paint a canvas/board with a colour randomly just to get rid of the nothingness. Then leave it laying around – I walk past it a lot until a colour pops into me. This one was just a festival of colour. Not sure if it’s because I was happy or totally mixed up in my brain, but it is how I often see the world in a haze of brilliance. For me colour is a trigger for my work.

A Ray of Hope – £250
Acrylic on Glass – 2021
Its back to Black. This piece I painted on a very dark mood day – I actually painted in straight onto another work directly on the glass. It has tile adhesive to give it texture., I didn’t think about the consequences I was angry, so disappointed with a situation and sad and needed to vent. Black has always been my safe colour the colour I spent my youth in it, after I finished. I felt safe and calm again and there was light and hope again in my world. 

Ode to Hoyland – £250
Acrylic on Board – 2021
John Hoyland is an English abstract painter. I have always loved his work and as part of my abstract experimentation I looked at how he painted rather than what he painted. Abstract painting is a lot about finding a technique that works for you that you as an artist can control, utilise and manipulate into your own style. I am enjoying bright bold colours, texture and palette knife painting using tools that are laying around, bits of sponge, credit cards, cling film and feeling a painting rather than seeing the realism of the work. I feel this is me.

Lynsted Fields – NFS
Acrylic on Board – Framed – 2021
This piece was not what I intended to paint. It came as a shock. It is not my normal style or colour preference. I do not know how I painted it, but it turned out to be so significant at the time. I was devastated and shocked by local news, my inner-self was breaking. This was a release of the pain and disbelieve I was feeling. It really does look like the field I have walked my dog in nearly everyday since lockdown.
Our subconscious thoughts and places often reveal themselves in our works.

New Age of Anger – £300
Acrylic on Canvas – 2021
My paintings are linked to my inner self and being able to express our emotions through creativity is integral to my-self worth. Red is a highly emotive colour it is for love, passion, danger and anger.
I believe we are emotional beings of many layers. My emotions have been pouring out of me lately in paint. I did not realise how angry I am with my life, my fellow beings, with myself and how we do not look after our world or our selves. These are my inner feelings which I was shocked to find. But I have released them onto the canvas. Freeing myself again..

My Happy Place – NFS
Acrylic on paper – Framed – 2021
I have to admit this work just jumped out of me. It was desperate to get out. This was the first piece I actually painted to the frame and wanted a scene but not a scene. Abstract is a paint style for my emotions – I try not to be to think too much to not pre judge or have pre conceived ideas. I was happy painting this and I think it shows, it was a relief to be back being creative. I found it reassuring knowing that I could still paint and actually find my style again. I find I am exceptionally self-critical and self-conscious of my showing my own work. This is my happy place, a place I can go to, I can walk through it I can stay there and I can become calm and at peace with myself.

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