A portrait of Teynham

The Blood Line – A Portrait of Teynham100cmx100cmAcrylic on Canvas – 2021 – £400 As an artist I feel the need to highlight the sadness and desolation that is happening here in the place I live – my landscape needs our help – there will be blood on our land. my painting is crying itContinue reading “A portrait of Teynham”

The Power of Flowers

The Power of Flowers120x84cm Acrylic on Canvas – 2021- £350 I have wanted to paint some kind of abstract flowers for ages but I have not been able to. Tried but nothing happened. I need to be able to feel the painting, feel the mood of the work, that feeling just hadn’t been there. IContinue reading “The Power of Flowers”

Finding my Inner Artist – Abstract 2021

Dreaming of Spring – £25029x119cmAcrylic on Board – 2021I feel I have completed my first collection, with this piece. It is Green a calming, centring colour, a colour for nature and connectivity. I painted this with a credit card pulling the paint around, enjoying sitting and watching it grow in the Spring light that shonContinue reading “Finding my Inner Artist – Abstract 2021”