The Power of Flowers

The Power of Flowers
Acrylic on Canvas – 2021- £350

I have wanted to paint some kind of abstract flowers for ages but I have not been able to. Tried but nothing happened. I need to be able to feel the painting, feel the mood of the work, that feeling just hadn’t been there. I walk past the canvas everyday but nothing calls me. My head is too full of stuff to concentrate and take time out.

I have had a head cold recently and been very sad and exhausted, so have done nothing for a week except rest, cry and blow my nose. Then suddenly I wake up, walk in my studio, pick up some pink paint and everything just happens it is manic, it happened. I sat on the warm concrete outside my studio and just painted. No thought process, just picking up colours, brushes and rags. I was so ecstatic and energised when I has finished. The layers, the colours the feeling. The relief. It bought me such emotional release and sheer joy. I can stand next to this and say I love it. Thank you painting for letting you paint me.

This is painted on a old vinyle canvas stretched over board. When I was a graphic designer (along time ago) I did some big photographic works for hotels, restuarants this was a sample I gave to my mum, she returned it recently. The paint is a mix of household emulsion and acrylics. I drybrushed the background. Undercoated some of the flowers with white then added yellows, purples and oranges. then finished with the drip effect. I painted with brushes and rags. Colour has such an effect on me. This is dedicated to my love of nature.

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