A portrait of Teynham

The Blood Line – A Portrait of Teynham
Acrylic on Canvas – 2021 – £400

As an artist I feel the need to highlight the sadness and desolation that is happening here in the place I live – my landscape needs our help – there will be blood on our land. my painting is crying it is full of emotional heartache – I am angry and sad. These are my feelings

The Building Crisis both locally and nationally is devasting our landscapes. This government has implemented unrealistic house building numbers on Local Councils. Local Plans are splitting communities. Greedy developers are taking advantage of the farming industry and landowners. This is totally unsustainable. Our green fields are disappearing at an alarming rate we are building on Grade 1 agricultural land, decimating village life. Creating bland housing estates which will be future ghettos. Why?

This work shows the blood line which represents the greed and uncompassionate approach that developers have towards our countryside and local landscapes. The tears I cry for the loss of our countryside, the natural environment that supports and feed us. This work poured out of me with such sadness. It was scary. We are losing so much for so little.

This work is painted with a carrier bag, a credit card, sponges and a water spray. I painted quickly creating a total mess picking up materials and paint as I went on my journey. It is finished with a red jagged horizonal line to represent our blood stained landscape that is being cut out of our green fields and thin gold line  to represent money. This painting cries.

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