Pretty in Pink

Wow what can I say- We are all two people the one the public sees and our secret self. This is my secret self and I make no apologies- I am content and sparkling inside at the moment and please with this piece. But my work always has the Black message – Please consider how you dispose of your stuff!

This piece is the last in my Teynham Triptych. The last of 3 odd shoes that I found on the Ash Path here in Teynham. The discarded the unloved. It’s still about Nature, how we see it, how we use and abuse it, how much stuff we have and how we dispose of the stuff. Part of our job as an artist is to question. How we do things and why we do them. The Covid19 pandemic has made us all question many things in our life. our values, our aspirations , our lifestyles and what we we want or need. This piece has made me realise that I have settled and I am still capable of producing alternative work that can be good “eye candy” but still carries the big message. Recycle, reduce and reuse. Adding sparkle, pinkness, rhinestones and glitter are all very environmentally “uncool” and there lies our dilemma. What do we do about all the very environmentally unfriendly stuff we already have? Do we throw it away or do we keep it.

More question. How much stuff do we need? why do we need it? We spend hours buying things how much time do we spend disposing of it. How can we dispose of stuff. Why do we need gold and glitter butterflies? What is a cerise pink feather boa for?

Workshop – Rip and Stick Decoupage

This is my last workshop video in the re-purpose series working with The Friends of Milton Creek Country Park. I wish to thank Kris the Ranger for this wonderful opportunity during this very weird time. Hope you have enjoyed them.

You can keep up to date with Milton Creek here on their Facebook page

This workshop was originally designed so we could all sit together in the sun of the glorious Milton Creek Country Park, chatting, sipping and decorating a wine bottle. Maybe in the not to distant future I can still do this. Until then please love life and stay safe.

Workshop – Tiny Books

Sioux has been designing more workshops with the Friends of Milton Creek Country Park. They are to help us all get more creative in the great outdoors. /

Hope you enjoy this one. Its very quick and easy, using recycled materials you can easily source around the house. Perfect for keeping notes or making sketches when your out.

Fairy Doors at Polka Dot Arts

Polka Dot Arts is working with the Friends of Milton Creek Country Park who are running a competition for the most magical faerie Door. Watch Sioux demoing some ideas and tips that might help inspire you to make magic faerie portals

There is also a worksheet with a template and a list of things that might help. See below. Then pop over to the friends group for more details of the competition and to post your magical creations for a chance to win. This is the link

Good luck and magic everyone.

You can now buy Blank Fairy Doors from Polka Dot Arts 125mmx80mm 3mm outside-ply only £3 each including post and packaging please use the PayPal button below.

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May 2020 – a record for me – Sioux Peto

I am keeping a photo record to prove to myself that I am still a creative being. Feeling different – experimenting and learning again. Really really trying to relax with music, gardening, walking, meditation and art lots of art

May 8th 2020

Today is VE Day 75th Anniversary.

There is bunting hanging in our window. I have hand stenciled 10 pieces of bunting covered in flowers and leaves for my Son whom I haven’t been able to hug since lockdown.

Today is my Dads Birthday he would have been 86 years old and I haven’t seen him for 24 years. Happy Birthday Dad – I have made you a card.

Today we are still in lockdown and I haven’t been with my mum for 56 days. I have been crocheting a flower for everyday I haven’t been able to be with her – she loves flowers. The Blooms are hanging on our gate – Yarn Bombing – Teynham in Bloom!

My Self Isolation Journal

I dedicate this journal to my family who support me no matter what

Sioux (me) is part of the Kent Creative Social Journal #KentCreativeSocialJournal project on Facebook and Instagram an idea by Nathalie Banaigs. I will be eternally grateful to her for this.

Strangely I started April 1st not even knowing the date. I wanted each page to represents a day, a pictorial diary. I started this with good intent and such excitement and hope that I could publish my work daily. I am not good at showcasing my own work or doing daily FB projects normally. But I was happy and ready to experiment and have fun again. I had wanted to make and create properly again for a long time. I always put it off and said it was because I never had the time – or so I thought. We have now been given time. And what happened.? “…………..

Emotional turmoil. I can’t describe the feelings I have had, so the journal is doing it for me. I have taken to double writing with a fountain pen and pink ink, writing about my feelings and what is really happening to me, then writing over them again and again with more of my inner stuff so no one not even me can read them again. It has been a release an out pouring. The images are not pre determined – they are just allowed to happen. I am just letting my emotional sub conscious choose the medium, colours and style. No thought process as such, free thinking, mini exercises, I am taking tiny steps to recovery. It also seems to happen very quickly and is very messy! and strangely reassuring and calming.

Day 5 family stuff happened – Time flies and my anxiety levels sky high. Everything seems so shallow and meaningless. I really miss them all. I need some perspective to life. Can’t do this in public anymore. Came off facebook

Day 15 my journal broke! The spine came undone and all the pages fell out – I cried

Day 26 after 15 years Colin is teaching me to carve. He has always been my rock! I really do Love this man.

Day 30 I have survived April and finished the journey. Last page is called Gold Star!

Noticed the page images have a connection to nature, my family and colour. Each page is made of bits from my special waste paper box. My journal was bought along time ago in a charity shop it’s made from bamboo paper which is not ideal to draw on but actually added to this project. I have even found the perfect box for it to live in which I will decorate at a later date. This is now My ultimate recycle, upcycle, reuse, repurpose project…… Myself. I am weirdly feeling more relaxed and content, less anxious, stressful and more positive. We can be our worst enemy and our worst critic.

Thank you Nathalie for this opportunity, for the idea and kindness of the group, plus the perspective on my life that this project has bought to me. Art and creativity are such an important and intricate element in our lives.

Will I press the button to publish this ………………..